Get paid easily when you share rent with roommates
Share a bill with friends at your favorite restaurant
Easily pay for services you use: salon, dentist, etc.
Going on vacation? Keep track of expenses and split the cost
Member of a club? Easily make payments with ShareNPay
Share payments easily among friends and family

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ShareNPay is the fastest way to share payments among people. Just enter the name of the person and the amount you want to pay, and you're done!

Share Payments

Whether you share the bill at a restaurant, share rent with roommates, or just need to get paid, ShareNPay is there making it easy.

Fresh New Look

Now ShareNPay has a fresh new look that makes sharing payments even better. Sign up for an exclusive look at our Beta app and start today!

Organize & Track

ShareNPay makes it easy to track where your money's going. Built from the ground up with users in mind. Always know who's paid you and who you've paid with ShareNPay.